David Simms: Sheffield Steelers’ defeats to Nottingham Panthers hurt...but let’s all calm down!

Levi Nelson - Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers 26/12/16
Levi Nelson - Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers 26/12/16

How old are we? How long have we supported and followed the Steelers?

High and low, good and bad, rough and smooth.

Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers 26/12/16

Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers 26/12/16

To listen to a few following the defeats to Nottingham you would have thought that the club was at crisis point – God I wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with those folk if it really got rocky.

Christmas was horrible. No person alive hates the Nottingham Panthers as much as I do, I’ve made making them miserable my life times work and for the most part have been successful in that job.

This year they came back and hit me, hit us, hit the Steelers with two hammer blows of their own.

The Steelers won’t panic though. That’s what other clubs would do.

Don’t think for one millisecond that we accept it either; we don’t.

This club though won’t make any emotional rash decisions. Consequences, well of course there has to be, but in our own time not in anyone else’s.

Boxing Day we stunk, every player chose the biggest occasion to have their worst game. Think they did that on purpose? Don’t be stupid.

Think they were on the Christmas sherry? Don’t be daft.

This is sport, this sometimes happens. For us it happened on the worst possible day.

We got bent over and well and truly spanked. On Tuesday we bounced back, we out worked and out played the Panthers in Nottingham but we were beat in a cruel way in the last two minutes.

We aren’t getting the bounces right now, the hockey gods aren’t looking down kindly on us.

The only way forward is to work harder, re-group and continue on the path that has entertained and excited you so far this season.

People, we are the Sheffield Steelers, we stand tall, put our shoulders back, dust ourselves down and we go again.

The work, the effort, the desire from top to bottom of this club will ensure we bounce back.

That’s why we are head and shoulders the most successful club in the country, year after year. It’s in our DNA and that is what surprises me about some mis-informed, ill-judged reactionary supporters.

You know the club’s in the best hands from ownership downwards.

Trust the club to do what is best, remember the people in place know their jobs. They are the best at them, the most experienced at them.

So for all the moaners and groaners, all those who cried “we had our Christmas spoilt” well I had my Christmas spoilt, I stood in Woodall services on the way home to Birmingham with a couple of hundred Panthers fans singing to me whilst I ordered my KFC.

Folk if you whimper, cry and make emotional decisions then you fail, you take your eye off the ball, take your mind of what needs to be rectified.

The Steelers win trophies, win hockey games, entertain more than any other club on and off the ice.

I think some have taken this for granted. We hit a wobble and all of a sudden a few want to jump off the bus, honestly?

I’d rather get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later and graft to put any issues wrong so the eventual victory smells sweeter.

That’s what the strong do, they get on with it whilst the weak moan, groan and cry in the corner.

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