DBL Sharks Sheffield: Lyons hoping summer momentum carries into new season

Atiba Lyons
Atiba Lyons

The DBL Sharks Sheffield will be looking to hit the ground running in 2017/18 after a productive summer, says head coach Atiba Lyons.

The Sharks face Surrey Scorchers on Friday night at EIS Sheffield, in their first game of the new season, having made a raft of summer signings – all of whom have impressed coach Lyons in pre-season.

And Lyons hopes early promise is translated into wins once the season begins.

“We’re in good shape, we’ve been training hard,” said Lyons.

“We’ve had a pretty good pre-season in terms of having some wins and losses, so we know where we are and that’ll help us get better. All in all I’m pretty happy with how things are.”

Lyons’ new signings in particular have made an especially positive impression.

“I think as far as personalities go we all get along well which is good,” said Lyons.

“Everyone’s very unselfish and has the ‘greater good mentality’ so we’ll see how that develops.

“All of the new guys have had had their moments during games and the guys who are returning have been consistent too and have more confidence, so everyone’s shown glimpses of great potential.

“It’d be nice to hit the floor running. We’re in the mix of everything and as far as that goes, I’m happy with it and we’ve just got to make sure it all works.”