Degree of support for Olympians

Ellie Faulkner
Ellie Faulkner

A TEAM of performance athletes, which includes Olympian Ellie Faulkner, are benefiting from a Sheffield Hallam University scholarship scheme that gives them unlimited access to facilities and supports their training and studies.

Sheffield Hallam is helping the squad of 57 students balance their demanding training regimes with their studies through its Performance Athlete Support Programme (PASP).

The scheme also provides athletes with sport science support, including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, performance coaching, nutrition advice and access to a sport psychologist.

Along with Team GB swimmers Faulkner and Becky Turner, the University’s PASP squad includes England Hockey U21 players Phil Roper and Brendan Creed.

Creed said: “The programme has offered me strength and conditioning support which has helped me return from injury to fitness and playing again.

“The funding has helped with regards to travel for training for camps or games and also equipment which is needed for hockey.

“I have found the strength and conditioning support the most useful aspect of the programme, as I was in a very tender stage when I arrived at the University.

“Thanks to the team at Sheffield Hallam, I am back playing for the University squad.”

The scheme includes financial support for athletes to spend on food, travel, accommodation and equipment.

Performance athletes at Sheffield Hallam are currently benefiting from around £82,000 worth of investment, including individual scholarships ranging from £1,000 a year to £6,000 a year.

The programme offers support and scholarships for full-time or part-time students at the top level of their sport.

It operates alongside the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme and World Class Programme initiatives operated by national governing bodies.