England anglers retain world feeder championships

The England team with Tom Pickering  and Glen Lawrence (third and fourth left front row) with the trophy
The England team with Tom Pickering and Glen Lawrence (third and fourth left front row) with the trophy

Preston nnovations England Feeder Team made it back-to-back gold medals in the World Feeder Championships thanks to an incredible stroke of good fortune in the dying seconds of day two. Over the two days England finished just half a point ahead of France but all the drama came in the dying seconds of the second day.

With ten minutes to go victory was in French hands. England looked dead and buried. The canal had fished incredibly hard but a 500g skimmer caught by Adam Wakelin began an unbelievable sequence of events. That fish alone was not enough to claw back France’s lead but when the Swedish angler in D Section netted a 1kg-plus mullet he overtook his French rival and in doing so stole a point from him. As the seconds ticked away the Belgian angler in D Section also hooked a mullet and if he landed it then the French would lose yet another point and then it was game on.

To give an idea of how difficult the fishing was, Barnsley

angler Mick Vials needed just one fish to finish second in his section on day two and that alone was enough to win him the bronze individual medal.

Of course, the various management teams who were looking on could only estimate how many points their anglers had scored. Only the scales can determine the winners and losers and it was so tight that no-one dared call the decision at

the all-out. The French were favourites, they had made all the running until those deciding closing minutes and they must have been devastated to learn they had missed out on the biggest prize by just half a point, especially as the gold went once again to the reigning champions, England.

It’s no fluke that England are number one in the world, ask England’s Doncaster based manager Tommy Pickering. He told me three years ago that his team was on

course to win the World Championships. Two wins in a row prove without contradiction they weren’t empty words.

Team Result: 1. England 27 points (16.965g); 2. France 27.5 points (14.031g); 3. Hungary 39 points (11.847g); 4. Russia 40 points (19.917g); 5. Portugal 45 points (21.059); 6. Belgium 46 points (9.885g).