Finnerty clears deadwood and swoops for signing

By this time next week the Sheffield Steelers will have confirmed another new signing as Ryan Finnerty clears out the deadwood that let him down at the back end of the season.

This signing will be a defensive one as again Finnerty looks to make the Steelers harder to beat.

If you call him at the moment 99 times out of 100 you will get the engaged tone on his phone; it’s permanently locked to the side of his face. He is looking for players, taking references on guys, making contacts with more and more agents and general managers looking for player moves.

While the Steelers British core will remain and of course be added to with the recent signing of Colin Shields and at least one more Brit, the import line will surely be transformed with perhaps only Legue and Sarich returning.

I see that Mike Ramsay has joined John DeCaro in Norway, I hope their team gets a full season out of Ramsay who did show signs of being a proper player, come crunch time though he couldn’t raise his game to the Legue level. Good player yes, a replacement for Joey Talbot? Not in a million years. I liked DeCaro, I thought some of the criticism he received was uncalled for, however he goes. We have lost better goalies, better players than he before and come back stronger.

Looking through the line up and I think a lot of last year’s imports were far from memorable. Good lads, decent players but they didn’t leave us on the edge of our seats wanting more.

Colt King could have been an Arena hero. He could have been the league’s highest paid player, a superstar but how many sportsmen do we say that about? The problem was he faded as the year went on and became a player we won’t remember in a short while. What a waste.

I think Finnerty is looking at signing guys who just want to win, just want to compete, maybe that’s the old school way. Finding guys, finding people in any walk of life like that right now is so hard as modern society now has softened those youngsters coming through.

Scott Allison loves his wife and his kids but he would have run over the lot of them to score a goal against the Panthers. Where are those guys? Please don’t tell me they’re gone for good, that we as a society have wiped them out and made them extinct.