Alan Biggs at Large: Play the numbers game, Owls and Blades - and make sure fans can see and read them!

Sheffield United's offending stripes
Sheffield United's offending stripes

Maybe it’s not just referees who need their eyes testing. Maybe some of us more “senior” journalists do as well. But when it comes to deciphering numbers on shirts, the young ‘uns have just as much trouble as this old hack.

It just so happens that we live in a city where both teams play in stripes. And the shirt numbers overlap those stripes. You see where we are heading here... added to which both clubs have sizeable stadiums where sections of the crowd (and certainly those in the two press boxes) watch the action from a fair distance. So this is an appeal to both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United.

Please make your players more easily identifiable next season, be it to supporters or journalists. I’m guessing the former will attract more sympathy so let’s make the plea on behalf of those who have paid to watch.

All it takes is a square on the back of the shirt and a number printed on it. I thank you...