Blades fans column: Nigel Adkins’ sensible approach to the transfer window

Sheffield United manager Nigel Adkins with Billy Sharp
Sheffield United manager Nigel Adkins with Billy Sharp

It was thankfully a quiet end to the transfer window for United. Memory suggests we always make a big sale on the last day - Jordan Slew, Michael Tonge, Stephen Quinn - but actually the last three seasons have seen little transfer activity at the Lane.

It might be mischievous, but possibly true, that the reason for that is that we have no players anybody wants to spend money to buy (now that Jamie Murphy has gone) and we have no money ourselves to spend on new faces.

Nigel Adkins appears to be one of those sensible managers who likes to have his squad fully sorted before the start of the season.

I have never understood why other managers don’t do likewise.

What’s the point in starting the season knowing you need more players, and then panicking and paying over the odds an hour or two before the close?

The sooner the deadline is moved to the end of July the better. Or better still, abolish it altogether.

The postponement of the Colchester match is understandable, if unfortunate. The worst aspect of it is that it extends Jose Baxter’s suspension by another week, but it gives Neill Collins, James Wallace and others recently injured another week to recover.

Promotion to the Championship would take the decision out of United’s hands as the first weekends of September and October are left blank for this reason.

That’s hardly an incentive to go up, but at least every club - and their fans - can plan in advance.

Now Colchester’s small but loyal band of followers will have lost their advance train fares (unless they come to Sheffield for a day out) and will have to come back on a Tuesday night.

Such people are the last on anybody’s minds when things like this are decided.