Blades will ‘come good in a big way’ predicts key name

Neill Collins is a big fan of David Weir's methods � BLADES SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY
Neill Collins is a big fan of David Weir's methods � BLADES SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY

Sheffield United defender Neill Collins has endorsed David Weir’s decision to overhaul the club’s tactical approach, writes James Shield.

The former Scotland international called for patience earlier this week after watching his team lose its last three games.

Despite admitting that United must find a way of combining off-the-pitch progress with results on it, Collins said: “Even though we have not been winning games, people can see that we have tried to play in a certain way and if it comes good it will come good in a big way.

“A lot of things have changed behind the scenes. The training is different, we’re working very hard and the days are longer.

“We are doing a lot of work on passing the ball, which I think people can see, and that’s only going to get better and better.

“It’s worth bearing with. I can understand if we were getting beat every week and weren’t playing well you would want to change things.

“It’s so easy in football, with results, to make snap decisions. Long-term he is building things for this club.

“It’s certainly enjoyable to play in although I’m not saying I enjoy a defeat. Far from it.

“I just feel that if we start getting victories we can start dominating games and be a strong side.”

United prepared for tomorrow’s meeting with Wolverhampton Wanderers 22nd in the League One table. Their opponents, by contrast, are third.

Collins, who spent over three years at Molineux, said: “I think we’re quite reminiscent of Bournemouth last year who didn’t start great but once they got it together they were a very hard team to beat.

“I can remember going down there earlier this year and even though we were delighted to win 1-0, you still came away thinking that they had something really good going for them which turned out to be right because they got promoted.

“You just had the feeling that, even though they were on a bad run, because they were so distinct they’d come good again.

“They kept the ball but once they scored goals, they still kept the ball. They had a formula that worked for them and if we just get that magic ingredient - goals - it will start working for us too.”

Collins added: “He (Weir) is trying to build towards success but he’s got to be given time. It will be worth it in the long run.

“We’ve improved the squad with good signings. Players who’ve done it in the past will do it in the future.”

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