Sheffield United Fan’s View: Gills defeat was a reality check

Nigel Clough is still finding out about his squad
Nigel Clough is still finding out about his squad

Did anybody notice how Gillingham went on in their FA Cup replay on Monday night? They lost 1-0 to Brackley Town of the Skrill Conference North, ie three divisions below the one Sheffield United are in, says Matthew Bell.

Yet Sheffield United couldn’t beat Gillingham.

And we can’t blame David Weir for this one, as there was just one player in the starting line-up he signed (Aidy White). The remaining ten were all at the club last season.

The way the team played was nothing like the style Weir liked to play either, so he can’t take responsibility for that.

So what does that say about those ten players? It is becoming more and more like the 2010/11 season, when no matter who the players were or who the manager was, the team struggled to manufacture any sort of prolonged good form.

Every defensive mistake was punished by a goal, everything that could go wrong did go wrong and all the fortune going fell the wrong way.

After three recent wins I heard a few Blades getting carried away by talking of the play-offs. A dose of reality is required please.

With a different manager and a different style of play United are still not creating enough chances and are giving up bad goals at the back.

Nigel Clough has said a few times he is still assessing the players and it takes a few months to properly get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Well, he’d better assess them faster!

Meanwhile, James Shield was right in The Star last week to highlight Sheffield United’s contribution to the England team and the lack of attention paid by the national media to where many of the current international players came from.

Just West Ham United and Arsenal developed more players in the last England squad than Sheffield United. Everton also had two, Manchester City, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Tottenham one each. Chelsea’s youth system provided none.

Others started out at Shrewsbury Town, Cambridge United, Maidstone United, Blackpool and Burnley so it is definitely time the smaller clubs got a mention.