Sheffield United Fan’s View: United’s ephiphany

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I’ve said this countless times before, but I’m never surprised by anything that happens in football, says Matthew Bell.

Neither am I ever delighted or disappointed by a managerial hiring or firing. It just one of those things that happens - a lot - so you either accept it and carry on or you don’t accept it and stop going to games.

There has to be a bit of sympathy for David Weir though. He must have made a spectacular presentation and had an awesome interview to have come up on the rails like he did to get the job in front of several more fancied candidates.

He also impressed with his knowledge and principles but for some reason it just didn’t work. He signed what seemed to be very good players, who all backed him to the hilt, but failed to perform on the pitch.

There were several things about Weir’s style that people couldn’t understand such as constantly bringing everybody back to defend a corner, whatever the state of the game, and his perplexing selection policy that saw Ryan Flynn and Chris Porter out of the team completely, then in the starting eleven, before not even making the bench the following week.

Oh, and persisting in playing wingers on the wrong wings.

It was noticeable at Covhampton that Chris Morgan had had little time to influence anything; when Febian Brandy adopted his usual defensive position defending a corner of six yards outside the penalty area it was clear that Weir’s tactics were still in operation. That became even more obvious with a typical damp squib of a performance and the defence twice parting like the Red Sea.

After 15 minutes of the second half, however, there was some sort of epiphany, because suddenly they started looked like a football team again.