Sheffield United Fan’s View: Why we love the bearded wonder

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Having driven back on Friday from a few days away, I didn’t go to Port Vale. Pity, because I haven’t been there since the late 1990s, says Matthew Bell.

So it was a new and strange experience trying to listen to the radio in the pubs around West Street. From the Devonshire Cat to the Bath Hotel to the Red Deer, not a lot happened (from what I could tell), until Vale scored.

It was the Frog and Parrot that won it for us. I missed Jamie Murphy’s equaliser as I was queuing at the bar (not even United are worth diverting attention when trying to get a drink). It was, naturally, the loudest pub we were in all night, which made it difficult to hear the commentary, but I just about made out that Chris Porter had scored the winner.

We were out on Saturday night too. There, in one of the trendy city-centre bars, arrived this bearded chap with a group of friends. Said bearded chap (who I must say was behaving impeccably, and it was quite early so he wasn’t missing out on his beauty sleep), was immediately surrounded by people wanting a photograph taken with him. He obliged every time,.

We’ve seen Harry Maguire in the same bar a couple of times (only on Saturday nights, I must add) and he is either not generally recognised or is simply left alone.

The bearded chap, however, had his name sung and people clamouring round him. Such adulation is unheard of for a loan player, but it just shows the impact John Brayford has made. It might just be the type of thing that would make him happy to take an 80% pay cut to sign permanently!