Brian lays down the Laws in book

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even by his own admission, former Sheffield Wednesday boss Brian Laws - now back in charge at Scunthorpe United - is not one of football’s biggest names.

Yet, as anyone who has read autobiographies from the likes of Wayne Rooney or Ashley Cole can testify, being known almost the world over for what you can do with your feet, does not guarantee an interesting read when the focus is more on their hands.

Football autobiographies, especially from those still ‘within’ the game, are typically a superficial read which don’t really reveal a lot in 300 pages.

Brian’s ‘Laws of the Jungle’, however, is different.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as someone who has played in every level of English football and then managed at every level, too, he has a story to tell.

Throw in his spell as a player under the legendary Brian Clough, his experience of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and then the episode where he punched his star striker, Ivano Bonetti, and fractured his cheekbone, and you have the makings of a fascinating tale.

Excellently co-written by Alan Biggs, the renowned sportswriter and my Telegraph Sport colleague, Laws’ journey takes us through his time at Burnley, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and Burnley again, and reveals the full extent of a troublesome period at Wednesday working with then-chief executive, Kaven Walker.

In one dedicated chapter of the book, Laws reveals his chilling thoughts of the time of the Hillsborough disaster, and the aftermath when it was revealed that Liverpool fans had lost their lives.

Clough’s reaction, in particular, was fascinating to read - just one insight into the fascinating career of a genuine football bloke.

‘Laws of the Jungle: Football’s Monkey Business’, by Brian Laws and Alan Biggs, is available now. Published by Vertical Editions, the RRP is £16.99.