Chairman says he’s sticking with Scott

Side by side: Millers manager Andy Scott and chairman Tony Stewart  committed to a club rebuild
Side by side: Millers manager Andy Scott and chairman Tony Stewart committed to a club rebuild

CHAIRMAN Tony Stewart has declared his unequivocal backing for Andy Scott and says he has had no thoughts about getting rid of the Rotherham United manager.

The Millers chairman has declared it a “long-term project” that both he and Scott have bought into and he insists that he is the man to see it through.

“We are all disappointed at where we are right now, from myself through the manager to the fans,” said Stewart about the current 11th place and the League Two Play-off hopes hanging by a thread.

“But it defies logic... all the work, the professionalism, the backroom staff, the energy and everything that has been, and is being, put into this.

“Of course, we make no excuses because the stats, the results, speak for themselves. But all of us are working hard to do what we need to do.

“I talk with the manager on regular occasions but it’s many things, it’s not just about sacking managers.

“It’s about getting players, having responsibility, about psychology, character, all the aspects of getting together a winning side that is going to stay with us not just for a bit, not just for a season but building something for beyond.

“I saw this as a long-term project and I’m still backing that and backing this manager to deliver.

“I still believe we have got the right man to do the job and no thoughts otherwise and what he’s doing is continuing to work harder to ensure we achieve.”

Stewart said he was once told that a Rotherham United team would go through brick walls but he hadn’t seen that in his four years.

“Well, I’m promoting that and determined to get it.

“We are doing things that I believe will ensure we get there - and if I do not believe that then I wouldn’t make that comment.

“Andy Scott came in less than a year ago and I want not just a football team but one that has got that element, that culture that says this is what Rotherham United is about. And that’s about drive and about passion and about mentality, a win mentality we have to get into this club.”

Stewart said the New York Stadium was still on schedule for the mid-July finish.