Doncaster Rovers: What makes someone a Paul Dickov type of guy?

Adam Clayton loses out to Richie Wellens.
Adam Clayton loses out to Richie Wellens.

What makes someone a Paul Dickov type of guy?

Interestingly, it seems many of the characteristics Rovers’ new boss looks for in a player mirror those of the man tasked with building Rovers’ squad last summer.

Both Dickov and Dean Saunders talk first and foremost about hard-working players, those willing to run through a brick wall for the team.

And when it comes to finding the right fit for Doncaster Rovers, a hard worker will certainly fit the mold - Dickov has made that clear by demanding an earlier than expected pre-season return for his squad.

This is a club with resources that will stretch only so far. Saunders knew that last summer when he drastically renovated a battered and bruised squad.

He built a tight-knit unit with the purpose of winning promotion. With the ability to put together only a small promotion machine, Saunders knew each cog in the wheel had to carry its share of the workload.

Despite the jump to the Championship, Dickov will face the same restrictions as his Rovers forebearer and therefore knows he must craft a similarly efficient machine.

While there are similarities between the two former international strikers, there are also stark differences.

Saunders was a much more pragmatic manager for Rovers. He never blinked or wavered when it came to his style of play, despite the heavy criticism it drew from supporters.

The Welshman’s goal was simply promotion and he had a very clear idea about what was needed to achieve that.

In his three short weeks as Rovers boss, Dickov has painted a picture of a much more idealistic boss.

He has spoken of a passing style, of ‘playing the game in the right way.’

Music to Rovers fans’ ears of course. And his time at Oldham backs up his assertions. It was such a style that attracted chairman John Ryan in the first instance.

Another attraction was Dickov’s impressive list of contacts and he will have to exploit those friends in the game to transform Rovers from League One battering ram to Championship fancy dans.

One name on his contact list certainly fits into both characteristics of a Dickov guy - Richie Wellens.

The former Rovers midfielder has known Dickov for a number of years after crossing paths at Leicester and a reunion with both his former teammate and club seems increasingly likely.

Wellens is the epitome of the hard working and quality footballer, and was a huge piece of the engine room that powered Rovers to phenomenal success in the last decade.

“Richie is the calibre and type of footballer we want to bring in to this football club,” Dickov said last week.

Dickov had refused to be drawn on the names of individual targets before letting slip his thoughts on Wellens.

Should he be able to put onthe big reunion, Dickov will have made a major statement of intent of his plans for Doncaster Rovers - we are going to work hard and entertain at the same time.

It is safe to say that Richie Wellens is a Paul Dickov type of guy.