Much ado about nothing

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All that anxiety. All that uncertainty. And for what?

Nothing really happened. As such, it was a pretty good January for both Sheffield clubs. A good deal better than feared, in fact. But that still doesn’t suppress the metaphorical urge to take that transfer window, drop it from a great height and see it smash it to smithereens.

Ideally into as many fragments as all the countless rumours and possibilities every time the darn thing opens.

But does it every really close? Oh, there’s a loan window coming along in a minute. More confusion and chaos when there should be clarity. Just as there used to be. What was wrong with the old system? You could buy anyone you wanted at any time - if you could afford it.

The phoney nature of the windows is that hardly anybody buys anyone anymore. It’s mostly loans anyway. And largely the only ones who can afford to pay fees are the Premier League clubs.

All the others are left hopping around and sweating. In many cases, club directors are longing for serious money to appear on the table while the managers are praying precisely the opposite.

Is it all really necessary? No. Excitement? Yes, of a sort. Enough to tickle the fancy of the Sky bosses who bankroll the Premier League. But it is all at the cost of continuity and team-building.

It’s commonsense rather than transfers that has gone through this blessed window - even if the fall in spending suggests a degree of sanity is being restored.

Other than that it’s a time of some relief for United and Wednesday. The big hitters in both camps are staying put. The Owls have cemented a few loans and tacked on a couple, albeit losing Ben Marshall. United boss Danny Wilson will more than settle for preserving the status quo besides adding to his strike force.

Shakespeare wrote a comedy summing it up in four words. . . Much Ado About Nothing.