Non-league greats in charity match

It was a life changing moment for Tim Surr.

Three years ago he went to A&E at the Northern General with an infection in his toe and came out two weeks later minus the lower part of his right leg.

It turned out Tim was an undiagnosed diabetic, with non of the classic symptoms, and the infection was gangrene.

As a result of his experience he felt the need to raise funds for the hospital that had helped save his life.

With the help of Sheffield FC who he has supported for the last 11 years, Tim organised a charity football match which raised nearly £900 for the Vascular and Mobility Services departments.

He thought this might be a one-off.

Not so.

This time he’s enlisted the help of Dave McCarthy, the former Sheffield FC manager and now MD at Sheffield United with the result that an ex-Club Allstars X1 will face a Supporters X1 on Sunday (2pm).

The match will take place at the Boundary Academy, Jordanthorpe Parkway, Sheffield and Tim is hoping people will come and give their support.

Admission to the game is £2 for adults and £1 for children and there will be a prize raffle, with a signed ball from Sheffield Wednesday plus match day tickets and various ‘goodies’ from Sheffield United.

Some of the best non-league players of the last 10 years will feature in the Allstars line up including Darren Bonnington, Neil Ferraby, Paul Smith, Jon Boulter, Richard March, Tom Jones, Rob Ward, Asa Ingall, Daz Winter, Jon Pickess, Duncan Bray, Mick Godber, Jason Tee and Chris Dolby.

This list of players have over 2,000 combined appearances and scored 350 goals in Sheffield FC colours.