Non League: New Sheffield FC coach outlines his blueprint

Sheffield FC are one club that really are looking forward to a new season - and I have no doubt it is due to the hopes they have for their new manager Mick Wadsworth.

Their new highly successful manager is keen to get started and in my interview with Mick over the weekend, he said: “I began my career in Non League football and it has given me a great career.

“As I approach my twilight years it is time to put something back into the game and I can think of nowhere better than at this level.

“I managed Frickley Athletic for four successful seasons and I feel I know this level well.”

But why Sheffield FC?

“The position was vacant, first of all,” he smiled.

“But I liked the feel of the club and they obviously thought I could them do a good job.

“I choose my clubs carefully but I had a good feel for the club and it is certainly a little pulling point when I sign a player, but I did not consider this when I accepted the post.

“The directors, from [chairman] Richard Tims down, were very keen and promised me a workable budget they could afford.

“And though it was nowhere near the biggest I suspect in this division, I was happy with it.”

Wadsworth, previously of Newcastle, has also managed at Carlisle United, Hartlepool United and Scarborough.

“And believe me money was always tight at these clubs ,” he added.

“But they were good places to learn your trade. Remember money can buy you good players but it takes a good manager to make a good team and I found it is not always money that makes a good team”.

So on the basis of players, I asked Mick if things were progressing well?

“They are,” he said. “And already, having met the players, they assure me most of them wish to re-sign for the club next season.

“I am a strong believer in giving youth a chance.

“With this in mind I will be keen and will not hesitate to bring in youngsters from our new Under-21 team if they show good progress and it would be pleasing to have two or three playing regularly by the end of the season.

“At our level, we cannot go out and be buying players all the time and a strong Youth team set up should be the basis of any good club at this or indeed at a higher levels.

“Hope and enjoyment are two ingredients that make good players in non-league football. It’s important that the players want to play for both me and Sheffield FC and not be guided by money alone.”