Sheffield FC continue search for new home in city

James Colliver
James Colliver

Sheffield FC are sticking to their long-term strategy of finding a new home in Sheffield, having been at Dronfield since 2001.

But despite talking to a number of international parties, chairman Richard Tims admits progress has been slow.

He said: “It’s all about cash. You can’t do anything without cash.”

However, Tims remains optimistic the club can “build a place where football fans can visit and pay homage to where the game kicked off. And that has to be in Sheffield,”

“We want to build an international visitor centre.”

“We had 450 German fans come over and visit a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty unique thing.”

Sheffield FC's Richard Tims. Picture: Andrew Roe

Sheffield FC's Richard Tims. Picture: Andrew Roe

Meanwhile the club acted swiftly to appoint a new manager following the surprise departure of James Colliver, naming former Doncaster Rovers defender Mark Hume.

Tims admitted Colliver’s decesion to take over at Handsworth Parramore, who play their football one division below, was a shock following a “reasonable” season, which saw the team finish 15th.

Colliver (inset) ended his 14-month association with the club following their final game of the season.

Tims said. “It was quite a surprise to us really but money talks. It’s football unfortunately.”