20: Mellor’s goals target after he gets Sheffield Wednesday back on track

Sheffield Wednesday v Colchester Utd.....Owls Neil Mellor after his second goal
Sheffield Wednesday v Colchester Utd.....Owls Neil Mellor after his second goal

NEIL Mellor is chasing a 20-goal target this season and a long-term Wednesday future after his dramatic return to favour under Gary Megson.

The striker will face Tranmere at home tomorrow in an unchanged side after his match-winning double against Colchester.

Saturday’s start was only his fourth under Megson but, now on 16 goals, he hopes that the 2-1 victory marks a revival for him and the team.

“I was made up that I got this chance and repaid him with a couple of goals,” said the striker, who also revealed that he twice went to see Megson about being on the sidelines.

“I wanted to let him know I was disappointed. I was the club’s top scorer. I’m a senior player.

“Although I’m on loan, I’m desperate to stay here. I’ve really enjoyed it and I have a close bond with the rest of the lads.

“I think I have a lot to offer the side. We have four quality strikers, I accept that. But when you have been on the touchline for so long, it’s frustrating.”

The club’s change in management has made no difference to his wish to stay and he said he relished the “new challenge” under Megson: “It’s up to me to prove [myself] to him and get a contract.

“Hopefully Saturday’s game will put me in his good thoughts for the remainder of the season.” Megson has said that he will field the same side tomorrow.

Mellor added: “It’s not got to be a one-off; I need to do it again on Tuesday. Hopefully there will be another goal and another three points to cement in his mind that I should start more regularly.

“I’m the sort of striker who, given 90 minutes, will probably have a good chance to score. I’m pleased he kept the faith with me on Saturday.

“I think I showed him big respect by coming in and doing a good job, which is what I wanted to do.

“Last Tuesday’s game against Brentford was a huge disappointment, but the manager’s been really good. He’s been saying the key was three points. Everybody was fired up and having a go and playing for him, so everybody is fully behind the manager.

“The chairman came in and spoke to us [before Saturday’s game]. It was great. Everyone wants us to do well. It was a big three points, which was the most important thing.

“Hopefully I can reach the 20-goal mark before the end of the season.”