Alan Biggs at Large: Don’t doubt “hands-on” Dejphon Chansiri’s commitment to the Sheffield Wednesday cause

Old and new: Dejphon Chansiri with former owner Milan Mandaric
Old and new: Dejphon Chansiri with former owner Milan Mandaric

It will be only fair to reserve judgment on Carlos Carvalhal and Mark Cooper, whose arrival had still to be confirmed as this went to press. Indeed, new Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has the easiest possible justification for his restyled management model; how much success did the old traditional one achieve in the last 20 years?

But it’s the job of a column to comment and allowing for a desire to “move with the times”, I’ve never known a more pressing pre-season timescale – six weeks to go, currently just 14 senior players due to report back on July 1, a new management duo to implant and ten or more new players to recruit.

Words like fraught and frantic come to mind.

And yet it’s also hard to recall a quieter period in terms of media output. That’s not a complaint, more an observation on a much different approach from this regime which does business in strict privacy.

Don’t be misled. The chairman may be 6,000 miles away between visits but I think he is even more hands-on than previously suspected having emphatically told your correspondent on his last trip that he would have the final say on matters.

That’s only right and much unseen work will have been going on, although we’re bound to ask if he has – or will have – too many voices? Committees need steering. Is Glenn Roeder, flanked by Paul Senior and Jonathan Hill, in charge of recruitment?

Where does the executive power lie? How much input on transfers will Carvalhal have, bearing in mind new feedback that it was always the intention to employ him in a general manager type role? And how is that different from, well, an old style manager?

So many questions. Cooper, apparently incoming from Swindon and initially reluctant to be an “assistant,” will still be number two regardless, albeit with a tastier title. Who will front for the team in the media?

What does seem clear is that Chansiri will demand a more entertaining brand of football and, considering the excitement generated by Cooper’s League One Swindon last season, believes this pairing will provide it.

Can they counter their lack of experience of English football on one hand and the Championship on the other? Ultimately, they can only be as good as the players the club signs.

It’s natural and understandable for supporters to be concerned after all the takeover excitement. And they are vital to a club that, for all its trials and tribulations, has usually and importantly managed to keep a smile on its face.

But let’s heed these words from The Star of former owner Milan Mandaric, who always had his finger on the pulse: “Before we start to doubt or criticise we have got to give him [Chansiri] a chance and support him.”

Absolutely right. I can’t pretend not to be perplexed by the early decision-making.

But I’m convinced of Chansiri’s commitment and he’s entitled to the benefit of the doubt at this transitional time in the hope all questions are convincingly answered.