Alan Biggs at Large: Sheffield Wednesday’s Stevie ‘May’ come good - has the striker been unlucky so far during his time in England?

Stevie May shows his frustration
Stevie May shows his frustration

Stevie May: the jury is still out. An expensive flop or a goal scorer yet to find rhythm and confidence?

The stats alone are damning - six goals in 32 appearances. Sheffield Wednesday paid £800,000 for one in two, not one in five. Prolific goal ratios in Scotland for St. Johnstone, Alloa and Hamilton have not converted.

Whether it be with shots or headers, May has missed some great chances for the Owls.

But I’m still inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt (for now) and not just because he keeps getting in there.

The fact is he’s also been a shade unlucky.

Okay, hitting the bar or post is also missing the target. But May has been known to hit both with one shot (twice!) and has struck the woodwork on so many occasions (again at Hillsborough last Saturday) that you could argue he’s been a touch unlucky.

Millimetres make the difference and if, say his tally was doubled to 12, that wouldn’t look so bad, would it?

So, allowing for his healthy work ethic, May will be more properly judged on his second season at Hillsborough. Certainly, there has to be much more to come.