Laura Jones column: Panto season has come very early for the Owls!

Will Buckley
Will Buckley

Did you all enjoy the start of pantomime season last Saturday against Preston?

It had all the classic elements; hero turning to villain, lots of boos and hisses from the audience and two ugly sisters fighting over a shoe…sorry they were fighting over a shot.

With lots of action, all three points secured and Su Pollard nowhere to be seen it was all very enjoyable.

Fernando went from thigh slappingly good to shuffling meekly off the stage. No one seemed to catch the off-the-ball incident, not even Channel 5’s cameras.

Ben Pearson’s over dramatic remonstrations got the desired effect and Forestieri sloped off the pitch. During a busy Christmas period and two local derbies, an on-song Fernando would have been very useful.

Loan winger Will Buckley came on as Ross Wallace’s understudy, playing the role of Buttons adequately.

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Like Buttons you’re never quite sure why he’s in the story but you know he’s a nice character.

Buckley is a player who appears to be monumentally low on confidence but despite some awful touches on Saturday he proved he’s willing to give his all even if it means running around the pitch for 10 minutes with what looked like a broken collarbone.

The match truly was a spectacle but we now have to move onto three tough pre-Christmas fixtures.

Reading are third in the table and an in-form team who had a major blip against Fulham last weekend losing 5-0.

You can’t see Royals manager Jaap Stam taking that result lying down so the Owls should expect a strong Royals performance.

Barnsley have had an excellent first half of the season but in their last four fixtures they’ve had three draws and a 5-2 defeat to Nottingham Forest.

As for bottom-of-the-table Rotherham United, well they will just want to beat us. (Oh no they won’t!)

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