Laura Jones Sheffield Wednesday column: It would be foolish for the Owls to throw away their momentum

Jordan Rhodes
Jordan Rhodes

There was a joint celebration in our house last Saturday evening.

My other half and I toasted Reading and Sheffield Wednesday securing play-off places.

We clinked champagne glasses and put to the back of our minds the inevitability that one of our teams will end up standing on the other to get to the Premier League. For now though, there is a football feelgood factor in this small corner of North London.

There has been speculation about whether Carlos Carvalhal will play an under-strength team and rest players for the Fulham game. My personal view is I think we’d be foolish to mess with momentum. While the players are, in defender Jack Hunt’s words, feeling “invincible” and taking into consideration our current run of form, why would we want to halt that?

We need to face Fulham with the same intent we have shown since the Reading home game and not draw ourselves into whatever jobsworth reaction the EFL are having this week.

Whatever team Carvalhal picks this week I hope Jordan Rhodes is on the pitch. A staggering statistic came out this week courtesy of HirstWhoScoredIt on the Owlstalk forum.

They worked out that since Rhodes signed in January we haven’t scored without him on the pitch. If Carvalhal is thinking about reorganising the team for Sunday I really, really hope he knows this stat.

I’m torn about where I want us to finish. If we beat Fulham, third or fourth would be exceptional but from a purely selfish point of view I really hope we come in fifth because that’s the only home game date I can attend due to being summoned to jury service.

I’ve already deferred this civic duty once because of maternity leave, I don’t think they’ll let me defer it again because Sheffield Wednesday might get promoted. It’s worth asking though.