Owls fan’s view: Blades troubles overshadow ours

Chris Maguire spoke about wanting a chance
Chris Maguire spoke about wanting a chance

The troubles down in Sheffield 2 have taken precedence over those at S6 during international week, particularly after the decision to sack David Weir, writes Steve Walmsley.

It was interesting that seven successive defeats last season and one win in the last 16 hasn’t yet got DJ the sack, but six defeats did for Mr Weir.

My mate Paul reckons (based on two sources) that DJ has got the Bolton and Barnsley games to change things around, otherwise he too is for the high jump, with Tony Pulis lined up to step in.

That of course will all count for nothing if we can get the right results in those games, which I desperately hope we do.

Otherwise it’s been fairly quiet, with the club holding fire on Gary Madine until his appeal has been heard - there isn’t the space here to go through the employment law issues but I do understand that decision.

Another appealing striker was active in the break - Chris Maguire, given his comments about not getting a fair chance. On what I’ve seen of him, I understand that point too: in most games in which he’s come on he has had an impact, and in the absence of anyone else I can’t see why he has been frozen out.

At the other end of the pitch, Damian Martinez has arrived from Arsenal to put pressure on Chris Kirkland, which I hope he does as we don’t defend crosses very well and the keeper has a key role in this.

The Sheffield merger has also surfaced again. There’s no surprise it’s popped up in the current climate but the scale of money needed to make it happen (big new stadium), the fact that FFP means that a Championship club can’t throw money at the team, and the fact that it would take a lot of time to persuade many fans from both ends of the city to support it mean it’s a non-starter, in my book.

So let’s just forget that issue and focus on making what we’ve got a whole lot better.