Owls fan’s view: We need to do it for Semedo

Jose Semedo is consoled by Chris Maguire as he is carried off in the Wigan game
Jose Semedo is consoled by Chris Maguire as he is carried off in the Wigan game

Given the difficult run of games in February, if someone had said to me we would draw at Reading and at home to Wigan I would have accepted it, so three points from the two games is a bonus in many ways, writes Steve Walmsley.

After a scary first five minutes at Reading we were good for the win and the nine points clear it left us.

That win doesn’t of course reduce the disappointment of the defeat by Wigan when you reflect that their keeper had more to do than ours and the ball was in their box far more than it was in ours.

The difference was entirely in the quality of the final ball and particularly the finishing.

I know that Nuhiu gives 100 per cent but he lacks the qualities and instincts of a goal-scorer.

I am convinced that had Wickham been playing for us, we would have got a draw at least from that game.

Wigan were very effective, particularly at closing down and playing on the break, but overall they didn’t stop us playing and 3-0 was a flattering scoreline, even if their quality was just deserving of a win.

The key now is how we respond to a first defeat in 12 games, particularly with Semedo out after his sterling contribution of late.

The spirit that kept them plugging away on Tuesday needs to be carried through to the Charlton game tomorrow - and they need to do it for Semi.

The prize of a possible quarter-final game against a top Premier League team is one to strive for, not just for the prestige and challenge but for the cash it would bring - that may allow us to strengthen a squad so denuded by injuries to key players. Come on lads!