Owls: Mandaric “flattered” by ex-Playboy model’s ‘buyout bid’

Owls: Sheffield Wednesday news, reports and more with The Star.
Owls: Sheffield Wednesday news, reports and more with The Star.

SHEFFIELD Wednesday owner Milan Mandaric today said he was “flattered” but surprised by a report claiming an ex-Playboy glamour model wants to buy the club, writes Graham Walker.

Sybil Danning, also a former Hollywood action girl turned film producer, was a ‘Sex Symbol of the Year’ when she featured on the front of Playboy in the 1980s.

Now a multi-millionairess, Austrian-born Danning and husband Horst Lasse are said to have saved a German ice-hockey club from bankruptcy and are in the market for an English football club with a strong fan base and potential.

They are keen to talk with Sheffield Wednesday, says a report in today’s Sun newspaper.

But Manaric says he has not met or spoken to anyone named in the article.

He says he remains 100 per cent committed the Owls - but he isn’t surprised in interest in the “iconic brand” which is Sheffield Wednesday.

His full statement says: “I am aware of the story published today and as a result feel it is appropriate to address this situation with our supporters.

“I have always been honest and transparent and I can say I have never met or spoken to the people named in this article. I was as surprised as everybody else to see the story but I cannot control what is written or said in the media.

“What I am never surprised about is the fact that a fantastic club such as ours attracts media attention such as this. We are heading in the right direction on the pitch as our improved position in the league indicates and off the field, we have a strong, football-based infrastructure and organisation, make no mistake about that. The progress we have made in such a short space of time has taken a lot of hard work and is there for everyone to see.

“Of course, I am flattered, because this is not the first story of its kind and I am sure it will not be the last. “Let me tell you that I am 100 per cent committed to Sheffield Wednesday but if the right person or persons come along who can take this club further forward, I would stand aside.

“I have done that at my previous clubs and I would do the same here. One thing is for sure, when my time does come to step aside at Sheffield Wednesday, I will leave this club in much better shape than when I came here last December.

“But I can completely assure you that until that day comes, my focus is here and my heart is at Hillsborough. I want to and will be open with our supporters - Sheffield Wednesday is an iconic brand in the football world and, as always, every decision I make will continue to be in the best interests of our club.”