SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Dave Jones raps apologetic Jay Bothroyd

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JAY Bothroyd has been branded as “stupid” by Owls boss Dave Jones over his internet row with critics and been challenged to answer them with his football.

Jones believes that the 30-year-old striker should not have got involved in the social-media exchange that followed the game against Bolton.

The Wednesday boss also hinted that Bothroyd may have been fined by the club, while not confirming or denying that, and could have come under scrutiny from the FA. But The Star understands that the FA are not investigating.

Bothroyd has apologised for his bad language in telling abusive critics they were “------- thick” in a Twitter exchange and stressed that he was not criticising other supporters

Jones says: “Jay got into an argument with a couple of fans, not all of them. Then you say something you regret in the heat of the moment. Jay should have known better. If it had been one of the younger players, you could understand it.

“He has no defence, and I have no defence for him. If you do get involved, then things can get misinterpreted.

“He’s sorry he’s done it. But I expect my players to be more aware of their duties. I think he was stupid. You get into an argument with a fan and all of a sudden the other 28,000 will think it’s against them.

“There’s only one thing he can do: go out on the pitch and prove it (the criticism) is not true.”

Bothroyd has explained that he reacted to abuse that claimed he did not care. “I care passionately about my game and I care about the club that I play for,” he said. “Yes, I get frustrated, but that is because I am desperate to do well. I was responding to the people who were being abusive. I did actually say the select few, but in no shape or form was I referring to all the fans.”