Sheffield Wednesday: Gardner tries to calm Floro

Rafael Floro
Rafael Floro

Owls captain Anthony Gardner feels a need to help the club’s young players settle into Championship football.

Gardner has been flanked by full backs Liam Palmer and Rafael Floro and feels that it is harder for youthful defender to bed in than it is for players in other positions.

He told The Star: “We’ve had our two more experienced players out injured; that can happen during a season; players have to step in and do the job; they haven’t looked out of place.

“I’ve felt confident in them (Floro and Palmer) next to me. It’s all good for their development and it’s for the club that they are getting on.

“To be thrown in as a young defender is probably a tougher than for other players, because of the responsibility involved.”

He says it is up to all the more experienced players to help young ones along.

“I was in the same position as them when I made my debut at 17. It can be quite daunting. All the more experienced players have a role to play, in that sense. Our young players have a lot of ability and they are very direct in their ways, especially Rafa; he is very enthusiastic and sometimes you need to have a calming influence on him.

“He wants to do everything, because he trusts his ability; that’s how it should be, but you need awareness as well, and that comes with experience. I try to help him.”