Sheffield Wednesday: Gray message to players

Stuart Gray gives orders during the Forest game
Stuart Gray gives orders during the Forest game

It’s good to talk, says Stuart Gray.

What he means is that communication between players is important on the pitch.

The issue has surfaced after the Owls lost a 3-2 lead to 10 men at Forest.

Boss Gray feels that a little extra leadership or experience from someone could have resulted in this slip-up being avoided.

He explained: “Communication is a big skill - we’ve got some quiet players in the team.

“I was always a talker on the pitch. For some reason, once they cross that white line, some seem to clam up and want to concentrate on their game. I keep saying to the players ‘you’ve always got to pass information on.’ We need 11 captains out there.

“In the dressing room they’re noisy, on the bus they’re noisy, when they’ve got their mobile phones in the hand, they’re noisy.

“I don’t know whether it’s us making all the decisions for them (the reason why players are quiet on the pitch).

“First and foremost, it’s about your football abilty - then what can you add to that? It’s just about giving messages. whether it be ‘turn’, or ‘man on.’ It’s just communication.

“I do know if you encourage people on the pitch, they go that bit quicker, close down that bit quicker and get hit with the ball a bit more as well.”

Wednesday are virtually assured of safety but they will clinch it mathematically if they beat Blackburn today, Millwall and Barnsley lose and Yeovil lose or draw.

Rovers boss Gary Bowyer wants his play-off hopefuls to continue the form shown in their last two games, wins against Ipswich and QPR.

“We’ve five more big games to play and we are focused on Sheffield Wednesday,” he said. “We’ve had back-to-back home wins, which is important.

“We’ve just got to keep going, concentrate on all we can control. We are having a go, but when you look at the results, so is everybody else.”