Sheffield Wednesday: JJ has debt to pay - Jones

Jermaine Johnson confronts Rotherham's Ben Prngle
Jermaine Johnson confronts Rotherham's Ben Prngle

Dave Jones says that Jermaine Johnson’s attitude has been sound after his sending-off but he must follow his verbal apology with the right action at Middlesbrough tomorrow.

The winger who served a three-match ban for his red card at Rotherham owes a debt to the club and fans, his manager believes.

“JJ’s attitude has always been good,” Jones told The Star. “He apologised on his Twitter account. He let everybody down. Now he has got the opportunity to make up for that if he is selected.

“I think any player who gets sent off through stupidity owes something back. It’s been an expensive headbutt for him; I’m sure he won’t want to do it again.”

Johnson, aged 33, was fined by the club as well as being suspended by the FA for his clash with Rotherham winger Ben Pringle in the Capital One Cup.

Jones also said: “He’s old enough to know he shouldn’t be doing these things. I would hope that he’s certainly learned his lesson.

“It’s good to have him back, certainly away from home; it gives us that power and pace if we’re trying to counter-attack. He’ll come into contention.”