Sheffield Wednesday: Jones plans for next season

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DAVE Jones and his staff have already begun to plan for next season.

But they have not lost sight of the need to make certain that the club stay in the Championship first.

The Owls manager also revealed that the programme of looking at young trialists is continuing, and all the club’s players are being assessed.

He explained: “We’re assessing the (academy) scholars, the under 21s and the first team. We’re in the process of making sure that if we release players, we are all in agreement with it.

“We’re also in the process of sorting out our pre-season - where we’re going and hopefully the teams we’re going to play.

“Everybody is getting prepared for next season. But what’s our priority? It’s to make sure we stay in this division and keep progressing.”

The ultimate aim remains: to re-establish the club in the Premier League.

Jones said he and his staff will be driving plans for the academy and upwards.

“We have plans here that will drive this club, if it’s done right, will get rid of those 15-20 years of hurt. We aren’t here to do anything else but turn this club back into a Premier League club. Whether that be next season, or in two, three or four years’ time doesn’t really matter, as long as we have the plans in place and we try to do it.

“Along the way there will be ups and down. But we are trying to make sure that everything is right.”

He wants the Owls to impress parents and young talent, and for the recruitment and development of players to be “done properly.