Sheffield Wednesday: McPhail wants end to job saga

Stephen McPhail would like an end to the uncertainty over the Wednesday manager’s job.

“Is Stuart (Gray) going to get it?; is someone else coming in?; as a player you want to know,” said the midfielder who backs Gray but also has to decide his own future.

Stephen McPhail hopes that Stuart Gray gets the job

Stephen McPhail hopes that Stuart Gray gets the job

The 34-year-old wants to commit himself to the Owls for the rest of the season after his current contract ends next Saturday, if a deal can be agreed.

“When it’s the next six months of my career, I want to know what’s going on,” he admits.

“The club is upside down a bit at the moment, trying to find or announce a manager. Hopefully that will come soon.

“I think Stuart deserves it, on performances and the points he has picked up; he’s done really well.”

McPhail is the latest in a series of players to vote for Gray.

“The lads have taken to everything he’s done,” he says. “His training has been nice and sharp, and he has spoken to everyone invidually about their roles in the team. Everyone has enjoyed it.

“We have worked hard on the training ground. Stuart looks in depth into the opposition and how we can create problems for them. It’s worked well.

“We attack teams, which we need to do, and we’ve had a few clean sheets, and hopefully we can build on that.”

McPhail also wants the Owls’ move out of the bottom three to be a turning point: “I hope so. It’s importnat to try and get a few players in as well this month to help out, keep everyone on their toes and freshen things up.

“We’ve got some big games against big teams.”