Sheffield Wednesday: New boy feeling at home

Happy days: Paul Corry has now settled into life at Hillsborough.
Happy days: Paul Corry has now settled into life at Hillsborough.

PAUL Corry found that being a professional footballer can be “boring and lonely” at times.

He was a new kid in town, with time on his hands when the Owls were not training and with a less busy schedule than when he was playing and studying with University College Dublin.

But the 21-year-old has now settled into the new way of life. “Coming from a part-time background to full time is difficult,” he says. “It takes two or three weeks to settle into the routine of how things work. I’m not used to having as much free time as I do.

“In that free time you have to concentrate on resting up and eating right. That’s a transition that maybe for the first few weeks is difficult to take and understand, It can be boring and lonely at times but I guess it’s part and parcel of what you have to do when you’re over here.

“But I’ve settled in quite nicely. It’s home now for me. I’ve had family over, my girlfriend and friends over and I’ve settled in really well. The facilities I’ve come from were quite good compared to those at the rest of the teams in that league but here it’s excellent; the pitches are perfect, you’ve got the gym, the training and meals and everything, and everybody at the club has been very nice to me.

“Around the city, I’ve felt very at home and people are very welcoming, which has been a huge bonus.”

Corry is regarded by Dave Jones as an outstanding prospect who could aid the Owls for years. If the midfield player does fall by the wayside in this country then he can alway go back to Ireland to a secure job as an accountant.

The profession runs in the family - as does support for Chelsea - and Corry’s business degree from University College Dublin has left a company back home waiting to employ him if he finds it necessary in the future.

After playing for schoolboy team Belvedere between the ages of 13 and 17, he did the equivalent of A levels: “After my A Levels, I had the option of either going to Burnley on a one-year professional contract, or taking up a three-year scholarship at UCD.

“I didn’t really know what I was going to do. In the end I didn’t feel I was ready to go to Burnley, probably not mature enough or ready to settle down by myself.”

So he decided to complete his education first, and now he is keen to make the most of his big Hillsborough chance.

Did You Know? Paul Corry’s dad and two brothers are diehard Chelsea fans and he says they’ve been at Stamford Bridge quite regularly. Frank Lampard is among the midfielders he admires.