Sheffield Wednesday: Owls face man in the mask

CrystAL Palace captain and midfield player Mile Jedinak could stand out at Hillsborough tomorrow.

He is expected to wear a protective mask on his face as a result of a controversial injury.

The Australian had surgery on a fractured eye socket and nose after a clash with Huddersfield striker Alan Lee last month.

Jedinak wore the mask on his return in a 4-1 home win again Middlesbrough last Saturday and in Tuesday’s 2-1 home victory against Bristol City.

There has been talk of a lawsuit against Lee over an incident that angered Palace manager Ian Holloway.

Jedinak said: “I was smashed up pretty bad. I had to be taken to hospital and had surgery for the injuries. It was quite a severe blow. I thought at some stage that if it didn’t go well it could be serious.

“I’ve tried to put it behind me and not dwell on it too much. The other lads are surprised how well it’s healed up.”

Jedinak, a holding midfield player, is a key man in the Eagles side.

Wednesday’s Miguel Llera has worn a skullcap in matches since he suffered a severe gash on his forehead at Exeter in February last year. He feels comfortable with the headgear and believes it can protect him against future injury.