SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Owls must fight against the fear factor

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DARREn Purse has experienced pressure at both ends of the table - and he knows what Wednesday are going through in their present plight.

The 35-year-old centre half went up with Birmingham and figured in a promotion campaign at Cardiff, and was involved in Wednesday’s battle to stay in the Championship two years ago.

He believes that the Owls will have to deal with a fear factor as they strive to escape from the bottom three.

“The pressure at the top is different from the pressure at the bottom,” he says.

“When Wednesday were at the top end last season they had to go out and beat teams and try to force it all the time because you need to score goals to keep winning, but when you’re at the bottom you don’t want to make a mistake; any mistake you do make can cost you the game, and you’re even deeper in the mire.

“When you’re fighting against relegation, it’s tough to take.

“It does affect players. If you’re in a side that’s doing well and playing with confidence, then you go out there knowing you have a great chance of winning.

“But if you’re not winning games, you go out there with the mentality that if you make a mistake it might cost you the game.

“When it’s tight going into the last half hour of a game, if you’re one of the top sides then you think you can go on to win it; if you’re at the bottom, you think ‘let’s not lose.’

Purse thought that the Owls showed the right attitude and work-rate at Cardiff on Sunday and did not deserve to lose.

Wednesday have officially confirmed the agreement of an undisclosed fee with Millwall for on-loan Mark Beevers. He will join them fully on January 1.