Sheffield Wednesday: Sam Hutchinson says bring it on Barnsley as he gets ready for a battle

Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson

Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Sam Hutchinson is gearing up for a battle at Barnsley as the Owls head to Oakwell for a crucial South Yorkshire derby.

The combative Wednesday player was involved in an altercation with the Reds’ Adam Hammill when the sides met at Hillsborough earlier in the season, an incident which saw the Barnsley winger sent off.

Never one to shy away from a fight, Hutchinson is hoping that this derby will have a similar bite and, having missed the past few games through injury, he is relishing the opportunity to get stuck in, not least with Hammill.

“I hope he tries to smash me, it will be fun and I quite enjoy that (side of the game),” he said.

However, the 27 year old does realise that the physical aspect of football is diminishing .

Asked if he think it will be a physical encounter, Hutchinson said: “I hope it is,” replied Hutchinson. “But at the end of the day, you can’t do that anymore.

“You always get punished for every little thing. You are not allowed to tackle any more, it’s going more and more out of the game, for the safety of players.

“It’s an art to tackle. Some people get it wrong, like myself, but it’s an art and shouldn’t be taken out of the game. It’s part of the competitive nature of a sportsman, why we play. For someone like me, who is a defender, it’s as good as scoring a goal, because that’s my job, we want to defend the box.”

Hutchinson says he is fully fit and ready to return after being told to rest his knee.

“I have had to rest my knee. I have seen a couple of specialists, they said just rest,” he said. “Because it’s on the same knee that I had all my problems, I just have to be more careful to it.”

Gary Hooper is also scheduled to return from injury for the short journey to Barnsley.