VIDEO: Sheffield Wednesday fans give their views on the Championship v FA Cup

Every week The Star will be heading to Hillsborough to seek your opinions on the hot topics, with one big question and kicking off, this week’s revolves around Sheffield Wednesday’s FA Cup fifth round clash at home to Charlton.

It’s been said that the FA Cup has lost a little of its magic, with clubs putting their emphasis on winning the title, going up, or staying put.

But Wigan’s victory over Manchester City, despite being relegated last year, offered a hope that football fans haven’t stopped dreaming that they could finish the season with some silverware, regardless of what else happens.

While Wednesday’s form has improved of late under Stuart Gray - bar the midweek defeat to Wigan - the Owls still aren’t safe, so Chris Holt asked supporters, given the choice would they take guaranteed league safety, or a day out at what used to be the biggest game of the year...the FA Cup final?

Have a look and see what they had to say.