The naked truth for Mandaric

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More takeover rumours surrounding Sheffield Wednesday have merely confirmed what has long been suspected - that Milan Mandaric will sell the club to the “right people.”

Everything is for sale in football whether it be a player, a club or a meat pie in the concourse. For the right price, of course.

Mandaric likes to live the dream as much as any football man and has an undeniable passion for the game. But he is also a businessman.

As such, this week’s link with Hollywood producer and ex-Playboy model Sybil Danning was great projection for both Wednesday and Mandaric - which ever way you look at it!

And a terrific advert, too. Although the Owls chief swiftly denied meeting or talking to the lady, there was no anger in his response. He was ‘flattered’ by the attention his investment continues to receive.

By a conservative estimate, Wednesday could now be worth at least double the £12m Mandaric paid to buy the club and clear the debts. He can hardly be blamed for keeping his ear to the ground on potential offers.

The Owls are in an immeasurably better state than before he took control, regardless even of a healthy on-field position that suggests Gary Megson’s team can win promotion back to the Championship.

And, as recent signings show, Mandaric is fully committed to keeping the bid on course.

So, whatever happens on the ownership front, his crowd status as the man who saved the club is surely as secure as ever.

Watch this space, though. . .