Wilson works wonders

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The ramifications could be huge for Sheffield United if they don’t go up in terms of losing players.

Yet the whole club seems more content and settled than for some time, so I hope they make it.

Expectations have to be realistic and in the past there have been problems in that area. Where the club is today has been the culmination of a number of things and they have had to rebuild.

In that regard, I feel Danny Wilson is doing a fantastic job, especially when you consider what he was up against at the start. The appointment has been fully justified and you have to give Kevin McCabe a lot of credit for that.

The chairman thought Danny was the best manager for the job, he’s backed him and it’s paying off. People have to realise that, deep down, Kevin has the best interests of the club at heart. He wouldn’t do anything he thought would jeopardise it.

Danny has a good pedigree and he’s been in the game a long time. He’s calm and clearly has confidence in himself; that in turn can have a positive effect on the team. Sometimes it takes a bit of vision, patience and understanding of what’s required. Appointing Danny could have gone horribly wrong - but it hasn’t. They obviously calculated what the squad would be and Danny convinced Kevin he could work with it.

There was not really the opportunity to bring in a lot of players because of the budget and wages, but Danny has worked largely with what he’s got to bring the best out of the squad. It’s about coaching in the end and he’s also changed the style of football. The players bought into that and the supporters are enjoying it.

United knock the ball about well, they’re not as direct and the manager is asking more of the players in midfield. It’s in that area that Kevin McDonald has caught my eye. He looks a good player and is outstanding at times.

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