‘Glen’ triumphs when the chips are down

editorial image

When he’s not competing he goes by the name of Glen but come showtime it’s all change to ‘I’m Blue Chip Too.’

We’re talking a 17-year-old champion veteran show horse who really enjoyed the bright lights of London after being named Reserve Champion in the ridden section of The Veteran Horse Society and Dodson and Horrell Championships at Olympia.

Out of 1800 entrants only 11 in hand and 15 ridden horses qualified for a place at the championships. He did, of course, have a little help(!) from his devoted Sheffield owner/rider Clare Blaskey.

“I’m Blue Chip Too was so excited when he entered the huge floodlit arena,” said Clare. “I could feel his heart thumping but he soon settled and behaved impeccably to get exactly the same mark as the champion. We were thrilled when he got reserve champion.”

Clare and ‘Glen’ are now in training for the dressage area finals having qualified in the Novice to Music Freestyle.

Sheffield horse feed company Blue Chip was founded in 1996 by Clare.