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Sheffield Steelers Coach Doug Christiansen
Sheffield Steelers Coach Doug Christiansen

Steelers players beware: go careful on the beer and barbeques this Summer.

The Sheffield roster had a couple of players who were clearly overweight last season.

One of them, Cory Pecker, has his contract terminated, mainly because of the shape he was in.

But new coach Dough Christiansen will be every bit as conscious as his predecessor, Ryan Finnerty, about waist lines.

“I can’t speak for previous regimes in Sheffield, but I can say that things we did at Belfast (Giants) will be new to the club” he said.

“Fitness is something we were very successful in, in the past. If everybody’s body is in shape, it bodes well. It is going to be a close year this year, so any advantage is worth having.”

Christiansen said not all coaches recorded player-weights. So there would be skaters he’d be managing in the coming campaign that he couldn’t check against previous benchmarks.

“But I will make sure my message gets across” he said.

Paul Heavey, a Steelers’ coach under former owner Bob Phillips in 2005, has been appointed Great Britain U20s assistant coach. The 52-year-old former defenceman had spells as coach at Ayr and Manchester.