Ice Hockey: Gerad Adams the victim of ‘belittling’ remarks from Sheffield Steelers

Gerad Adams
Gerad Adams

Gerad Adams has hit back at Sheffield Steelers for “belittling” comments made after they relieved him of coaching command.

Last week, the club tried to justify why they terminated the contract of a man who had won them the 2014 Play Offs and the 2015 League title.

They felt Adams did not have all the qualities required to lead them into Europe and launch a new U20s team. Adams will have been stung, in particular, at comparisons to another named Elite coach and the unnamed man replacing him.

Adams told The Star: “I have officially cut all ties and connections with Steelers, I have moved on and encourage everybody else to do the same. Almost every day since the decision and announcement was made I’ve read comments that could be perceived as damaging or belittling about myself. I do not agree or like the decision to be released by Steelers but I have to respect it. wish to be shown the same level of respect and professionalism. Every day I brought a good attitude, approach and high level of professionalism towards my job. I shared my coaching philosophy with Steelers and it brought success. Two trophies in under 14 months. Steelers measure success differently” claimed Adams.

“My short time with Steelers is over and I wish the new head coach good luck. I’ve earned the right for me and my family to be spoken about with respect and to be left alone. Thank you to all the players for the blood and sweat they put in and a big thank you to the Steelers fans.”

Meanwhile Neil Abel says it is incorrect to construe that he’s been sacked from his assistant coaching role. Last week the club stated there would be a parting of the ways with both coaches; but Abel says a final decision has not been made clear to him.

It is understood, though, that Steelers are seeking a brand new partnership.

Sheffield Steeldogs ended their association with coach Andre Payette, last week, also.

The Canadian wrote on Facebook: “After a few days of reflection and thought, I would just like to take this time to first of all thank (owner) Shane Smith for bringing me to the Steeldogs five years ago and giving me the opportunity to build a team from the ground up on and off the ice.

“My time in Sheffield has been unbelievable and I have felt most welcome by all our loyal supporters and sponsors during this whole time.

“I would also like to thank all the players that have played under me. It has been a great opportunity to work and learn the backroom side of the business and all that goes into running a pro hockey team.

“Your support over the last few days has been out of this world and totally appreciated as many of you know hockey is my life so this has been a hard experience to undertake however I am sure I will land on my feet and get back into what I know and love best and can be back on a rink near you soon.”