Jess Ennis set for injury return

Return: Jessica Ennis.
Return: Jessica Ennis.

The stresses and strains of a world class athlete ...

Jess Ennis knows all about it. But however many times you have to deal with such a situation, the anxiety and doubts are never far from the surface.

Sheffield’s golden girl admits the last two months have been ‘worrying and very stressful,’ after what she thought was a minor irritation, threatened to become much more troublesome.

The World and European heptathlon champion was unable to run or jump for seven weeks after an inflamed left ankle failed to respond to treatment.

“We didn’t think it was a big issue but then it lingered for ages,” said Jess.

“I was forced to miss about six or seven weeks running, jumping and hurdling, so it was quite tough. We kind of knew what it was but we didn’t know what caused it which was the main issue. It was worrying and very stressful.

“I’ve been panicking the past few weeks because if you don’t run for a week it feels like a long time but then if it goes on for weeks and weeks, it’s really difficult.

“Obviously the indoor season had gone but then the summer season was creeping up and before you know it it’s April and you’ve got to get back into everything.”

Jess has now resumed training after being give the all-clear and has suffered no adverse reaction. She also feels she’s not lost too much fitness thanks to work in the weights room and on a static bike.

The proof of her level of fitness will come when she opens her outdoor season at the Powerade ION4 Great City Games on a specially constructed track in the centre of Manchester. Jess is expected to compete in the 100 metres hurdles and the rarely run 150 metres.