Jess gets kitted out for the Olympics

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Seeing red, white and certainly blue ... but that’s not a problem for Jess Ennis.

We’re talking, of course, about Team GB’s new kit for the Olympics where the sparing use of red has brought a fair amount of criticism for its famous designer, Stella McCartney.

Red features more as a trimming but the predominant colours are several shades of blue and white. McCartney, appointed by addidas as creative director, said she had tried to give the Union Jack flag a contemporary twist.

She had consulted Jess and the Sheffield star was impressed and admitted the launch of the kit, with the daughter of former Beatles legend Sir Paul, was a unique experience.

Jess defended the sparing use of red, saying: “I think it’s nice. It’s got subtle bits (of red) but the colour stands out more when you have little bits of red.

“Stella was really keen to know how you like your kit to fit and because there are so many sports she wanted to know how you feel it helps you perform. So I spoke to her about length of leggings and the cut of shorts and things.

“I remember my first Team GB kit was really multi-coloured down the side but over the years it has got better and better, It’s really exciting to wear it, it’s all clean cut; it’s gorgeous. It’s much better than the previous ones.

But Jess hasn’t brought any of the kit home with her - for fear of inviting bad luck.