Losing third game’s not an option: Nate

Steelers must neutralise the dangerous duo of Adam Henrich and and Ryan Ginand tonight.

The Coventry Blaze pair have inflicted some damage on Sheffield in their two earlier meetings this season.

Rob Sirianni - heading back towards the goal trail

Rob Sirianni - heading back towards the goal trail

Henrich scored three assists against them last Sunday, while Ginand is 2+2 up in the series.

Steelers centreman Nate DiCasmirro, talking on video at thestar.co.uk, said he was more than familiar with the opposition pairing, as he’d faced them in other leagues in the past.

“Adam is a big guy with good hands, he can see the ice and score” said DiCasmirro.

“They are two very important pieces of the team and you just have to be aware whenever they are on the ice, where they are at and what they are doing and take away their time and space. We have to give them less opportunities to make the play they want to make.”

Allowing them to dictate the game is not an option as Steelers cannot afford to lose after last weekend’s two defeats.

The Italian international said: “You never want to lose two in a row, let alone three, you want to go in put the past behind you, there’s nothing you can do about that now, you have to look forward to Coventry, make up some ground and get back on track.”

He and team-mate Rob Sirianni’s points tally have dried up lately.

But DiCasmirro says it won’t be long before his craftsman colleague will be finding the back of the net.

Reflecting on his colleague’s goal drout, “It’s not for the lack of shooting the puck that’s for sure. We are getting the chances they are just not going in. My dad says it’s time to worry when you are not getting those opportunities. It is only a matter of time before they start going in.”

When he is firing on all cylinders, Sirianni is an exceptional marksman, says his team-mate. “He knows to get open in those small areas. He can get the puck and snap it off accurately.”

Steelers’ on-off creativity is reflected by the statistics. Second-top points scorer is Tim Spencer, who has spent much of the season on defence.

The team, who will again be without coach Doug Christiansen, will give a fitness test to Steve Goertzen today before decidding on his availability. Cardiff Devils appear to have placed player-coach Gerad Adams on a kind of gardening leave.

The ex Steeler, who has been at the club for nine years, has been told his new job is ‘head of player development.’ Brent Pope is caretaker coach and bench coach Neil Francis has resigned.