Five reasons why Sheffield Steelers will be Play Off champions tonight. And three why they might not be.


Sheffield Steelers are odds-on favourites to be double-champions tonight.

So here are five reasons why it will be happen (fingers, legs and remaining hair-strands crossed.)

1: Sheffield are a better team than Coventry Blaze, their opponents. They proved that by winning the League. That’s logic, although it doesn’t always apply in sport.

2: Sheffield’s top line is the best in the League by a country-mile. And the second line has been in electric form. Together they should be too much for the underdogs, no matter how lively and well-coached they may be.

3: Mathieu Roy. You can hurt him, mark him, anger him, frustrate him...and he’ll still win the game for Sheffield.

4: Character: this Steelers’ team has rarely missed a beat since Christmas, despite injuries to the likes of Gord Baldwin, Frank Doyle and Tom Petruska. They are tight-knit and unselfish, playing always for each other.

5: Gerad Adams. A coach that knows how to get the best out of his players - a big-game manager.

But hang on. Why Coventry Blaze could win...

1: A truly excellent goaltender in Brian Stewart, the ELite League netminder of the year. He is HUGE.

2: Steve Goertzen: a man on a mission against his old club.

3: They are not supposed to. Ice hockey has a habit of throwing up unexpected results in cup finals.

There, simples. My money is an overtime win for Steelers...