Sheffield Steelers: Time runs out for Brady Ramsay

Brady Ramsay’s patience and willingness to take a hit for the team is well and truly over.

Less than a month ago, the forward - seemingly first choice for the chop when the on-ice import quota was full - told The Star that players had to see the bigger picture.

“You can’t really dwell on one game, sitting out, you have got to keep moving forward, it happens everywhere” he said in November.

“Winning teams have extra players in case guys get hurt and that is the way it is in north America.”

But his appearances have started to become few and far between and yesterday it was announced the player had gone from the roster.

A statement said: “Steelers have confirmed that Ramsay will be leaving the club with immediate effect.

Steelers ex employee, Brady Ramsay.

Steelers ex employee, Brady Ramsay.

“The Steelers wish to go on record thanking Brady for his time and effort since joining us in the summer and wish him well for the remainder of the season.”

When the player, 24, was signed back in June, coach Paul Thompson said: “We’ve done a lot of work on him as a player and his character. I was looking for some energy and Brady will bring that in bundles.”

But later the coach regarded him effectively as a spare.

Ramsay played 19 of Sheffield’s 28 League and Challenge Cup matches - to have stayed longer would have harmed his future career prospects.

He scored 1+5 and took 24 penalty minutes.

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