Video: Zack wants Sheffield Steelers side to keep intact

Zack Fitzgerald says he would change nothing about the Sheffield Steelers team, for next season’s campaign.

The d-man, who missed the Play Offs with a broken hand, also says he hopes he never has to leave the club.

The American enforcer was hugely popular in his maiden year at the Arena.

So much so, in December, his initial contract was extended by a further two seasons.

‘Fitzy’ said he was proud of the way he had fitted into the club and the community.

“I like to have fun with the fellas and goof around and make light of a lot of situations.

“But at the same time put your lunch pail and work bucket on and go to work, that’s kind of the way I like to deal with things.

“It is nice to see fan appreciation, I like to give my time back to them, they are the ones who come out to support us on the road, long trips, and spending their hard earned money to come to see us” he said.

“It’s fun to be part of. My wife and I are fitting in really well here and we are very happy and hopefully we will never leave.

“We had all the right ingredients this year, a good combination: your skilled guys, hard-working guys, physical guys, stay-at-home defencemen, offensive defencemen, good goalies.

Zack Fitzgerald meets Sheffield's former boxing world champ Clinton Woods

Zack Fitzgerald meets Sheffield's former boxing world champ Clinton Woods

“Thommo and the organisation put together a winning combionation” he added.

“There might have been doubts early in the year, but we got back on track and battled right to the end. I would take everybody back. I like our team.”

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