It’s great to challenge yourself: Dom

l'Dom Brambani
l'Dom Brambani

Dominic Brambani will round off his normal working day with 80 minutes of rugby against the Super League stars of London Broncos.

Like many of the Sheffield Eagles’ squad the half-back must fit in playing and training around a full-time job.

It is a squad of many talents outside rugby with builders, an electrician, railway worker, an assistant in a school, a scientist and a full-time student.

They hope to create the upset of the season when they face the full-time professionals of London in the Challenge Cup quarter-final at Don Valley stadium on Friday night.

Brambani recognises has a massive challenge to take control of the game from Australian star Jamie Soward.

The new London half-back, 28, arrived from Australia at 7am a week last Saturday and made his debut that day, scoring 14 pts against Salford.

“It is a tough ask you have to work all day them come training or have a game on an evening” said Brambani, who works as a gas installer.

“When I was playing in Australia I watched Soward in the National Rugby League now I’m going to be playing against him. But no fears: it’s a good challenge for myself” said Brambani.

“London are a full-time team but they are coming up here to Don Valley which will be tough for them.”

Loose-forward Joe Hirst is hoping that his father, who he works with fitting kitchens, will give him Friday off but he’s not sure it will be the best preparation. He said. “It’s not always good. Sometimes it’s good to get up and into your normal routine. If you have a day off you have a lie-in, sometimes it’s better to get up and get at it. London will be a good test. Some people are expecting us to win because they are a lower end Super League side. That’s not the case, I have been in a Super League environment and they are top quality sides.”