Meaningful talks yet to start over new Sheffield Eagles stadium

Sheffield Eagles v London: Pic by Simon Hall
Sheffield Eagles v London: Pic by Simon Hall

Sheffield Eagles director Mark Aston has confirmed that dialogue has resumed with the council over plans for their return to the city, but progress remains minimal.

With Eagles keen to secure their long term future, Aston has been calling on the council for a progress report as they wait for the green light to move into the Olympic Legacy Park.

The major sticking point is the club’s potential ‘sponsor’ holding back on investing into the Eagles, until he receives the go ahead on his ‘green energy’ business which is set to part-fund the running of the club

As soon as planning permission has been given the thumbs up, he will invest.

Aston admits there doesn’t appear to be any significant news as Eagles try to avoid another struggle for survival. “It is still bubbling; I am waiting,” he said. “There has been a bit of dialogue but it hasn’t got down to a meeting yet which is what I want to happen to try and finalise it all. The time is getting close. The fans have been asking questions to some of the councillors, what we need is someone from the top to tell us what on earth is going on, and whether we can make this happen.

“There has been an email sent from us outlining the expectations from the club. We are trying to get an answer from those points. The dialogue has started via email but I’d rather do it face-to-face. I am hoping over the next month or so that we make some significant steps forward. I believe that there may be some different agendas around and that some people may want different things, and that is not necessarily what we want. That disappoints me because at the end of the day, three years ago at that press conference the words were all about a rugby stadium.”

Eagles have also got to appease the RFL who are seeking assurances from the club over their long term future. They have been playing this season at Wakefield’s Belle Vue ground, but this will not be a possibility next season.